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Lubricants play a very vital role in the smooth & trouble free operation of any automobiles. There are different accretes fitted in an automobiles vehicle such as engines, gear & transmission, brake system, radiator coolant, wheel bearing etc requires different type of oils and greases.

The heart of any automotive vehicle is the engines which power the vehicle motion. The engines fitted in these vehicles are broadly classified as follows based on the fuel it use and the number of strokes:

  • Petrol Engines – Spark
  • Ignition Engines
  • Two Stroke Engines
  • Four Stroke Engines
  • Diesel Engines – Compression Ignition Engines

Four stroke petrol engines are used in passenger cars and also in current generation motor cycles, scooters and Auto Rickshaws. Two stroke engines are used in the two wheeler, motor cycles and auto rickshaws.

Diesel engines are used in all commercial vehicles. Also high performance diesel engines are used in certain passenger vehicles also